What We Do



Letting Everyone Achieve Dreams (LEAD) prepares youth for success by providing life skills and exposure to new opportunities.

We inspire vision, empathy, and tenacity.

Character Development Program

We help students navigate the middle school years.

SEL Classroom

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) allows students to cope with feelings, resolve conflicts, and set goals.

Many of our students live in a state of instability. LEAD's consistent presence and SEL curriculum help them navigate the uncertainty in their lives.

Through weekly classes at our partner schools, LEAD provides students with a skill- set to overcome obstacles and to complete their goals in the face of adversity.

Our curriculum empowers students to define their values and pursue success.

Saturday Sessions

The Saturday program provides unique experiences and opportunities.

Research shows that youth living in underserved communities do not have the same breadth of experiences as their counterparts.

Once a month, LEAD provides a unique opportunity for students to investigate, learn from, and expand the world view through activities, service projects, and field trips.

LEAD activities allow youth to enjoy themselves freely, outside of the classroom environment.

Empathy and gratitude are expressed through our community service projects.

LEADers discover new visions for life when meeting professionals and take field trips.

Our Saturday program gives space for our youth to put vision into action.

Summer Adventures

LEADers experience wilderness adventures during the summer. These trips expose youth to new environments and challenge them apply grit, empathy, and perseverance.

Each year, we have the opportunity of experiencing a journey of firsts with our LEADers. For some, it is their first time to leave Houston, first time to attend camp, or their first time flying.

Campers connect with peers in a new way. They learn to work together on ropes courses, support and encourage each other, and face new challenges. LEADers create a connection with community and place through outdoor adventures.

Summer journeys are a catalyst for LEADers to apply social emotional lessons beyond the classroom and help drive further impact.