An eager group of student LEADers packed their bags, loaded buses, and headed to Huntsville, Texas to learn, grow, and explore. 

We are having a blast at Camp LEAD! Students are challenging themselves by trying new activities, including ropes courses, kayaking, and ziplining. They came to experience something new! Our summers provide opportunities to inspire tenacity, engage in team building, and practice good communication skills. The students are cheering each other on as they showcase their talents and express themselves.

In addition to making new friends and strengthening bonds, LEADers are learning from an amazing team of counselors.  

Our talented summer team, made up of energetic college students, graduate students from University of Houston's College of Education, awesome educators, and faithful volunteers, help make Camp LEAD even more fun. Our counselors have many gifts to share, including their skills of crafting, singing, dancing, running, playing volleyball, practicing yoga and mindfulness, and more! We are grateful for our devoted counselors for creating life-changing memories with our youth.

Thank you for making this adventure possible for our students LEADers. We are grateful for your support.





LEAD prepares youth for success by providing life skills and exposure to new opportunities.

We inspire vision, empathy, and tenacity.


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