Our LEADers have been busy and hard at work! This spring, they experienced a number of diverse opportunities.

  • Exploring culture and history at the Buffalo Soldiers National Museum
  • Reflecting on heroism and leadership through film
  • Expanding their knowledge of careers and business at Chastang Ford

Buffalo Soldiers National Museum

LEADers explored exhibits and enjoyed a historical reenactment of Harriet Tubman. The museum focuses on the military experience of African Americans and celebrates American history. 

After gaining a wealth of information from our docent, LEADers were encouraged to apply their learning through discussion. Students were challenged to consider, "How does understanding more about history impact the story you are writing for yourself?"

Movie Night

LEADers visited the University of Houston and had the opportunity to enjoy a movie. During their time on campus, they watched Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse and reflected on the relevant and applicable themes of this coming of age story. LEADers discussed the idea of heroism and the challenge of stepping outside your comfort zone.

Thank you to the students from The Kinkaid School for creating thoughtful discussion questions and joining us for a fun evening.


Chastang Ford

LEADers traveled to Chastang Ford for an informative and rewarding day. The awesome automotive team broadened the students' worldview by sharing vast opportunities for career paths. LEADers learned the value of working hard and having a positive attitude in order to gain life long success. 

We are grateful for our partnership with Chastang Ford and the engaging ways they inspired our LEADers to become successful.

"It's cool to know that when you invest in yourself and you bring your best, there are people who will invest in you too." -Ayaan, current LEADer

The words of this student LEADer remind us of the importance of working together. LEAD truly appreciates all of the people and partners who have committed to encouraging our youth.

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