Martha Kirkwood is the Director of Career Development at The Kinkaid School. She is responsible for the 50-year-old program that places 150 Kinkaid seniors in varied professional settings in the city of Houston and beyond each year. She is a proud member of Kinkaid’s first Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee and co-chaired a section of the committee’s Strategic Plan.   She considers herself an unofficial member of Kinkaid’s World Language Department, stepping in to substitute for absent faculty members when her schedule allows. Prior to becoming a faculty member, she held many volunteer positions: Co-President of the Parents’ Association, 9th Grade Social Chairman, Homecoming Chairman and Team Mom to name a few.

She has held Marketing Positions with Mobil Oil International, where she formed part of the Fuels Entry Team that opened the retail market in Spain after joining the European Economic Union. Other Marketing positions followed at NationsBank Houston in International Private Banking and, an Austin startup that received $20 million in early venture funding.

Martha is married and is mom to three children, two biological and one Polish exchange student who has never left the family’s heart. She loves cooking, Broadway plays, and dreams of starting a career in salsa dancing.