Our summer adventures continued with Camp LEAD at Carolina Creek Retreat Center in Huntsville, TX. We were so excited to be back in full swing this summer, and so were our student LEADers!

"I am just so happy to be out of the house; having things to do and friends to hang with."

Camp LEAD is growing! It was a joy to see 40 returning youth reconnect with LEAD counselors and friends. We were also excited to see new friendships form as we introduced 20 new students to summer camp. 

Adventures and exploration abound with everything from A to Z...archery to zipline. Camp LEAD’s summer curriculum consisted of lessons, challenges and great fun, including team building games, a night swim, lake activities, late night stories, and more.


During our time together, student LEADers reflected on their experiences, strengths, and values. Senior LEADers shared words of wisdom with their younger counterparts.

"LEAD let's you be you. Nowhere else do you have these people that are going to make you succeed the way you are supposed to succeed. LEAD makes it okay to be you. And if you really listen, they tell you how you can be great."

We know our LEADers are going to do GREAT things! We are so thankful to the friends and families who continue to make these dreams a reality. Thanks for making Camp LEAD possible!