So many amazing people share their time, talents, and gifts to support our student LEADers. Relationships are nurtured, goals are put into action, and communities are strengthened - because of you.

The past few weeks have been filled with good deeds and real talks.


LEAD supported the community by:
- Making blankets for patients with cancer at the Smith Clinic
- Decorating bags for Kids' Meals to support children with food insecurities
- Distributing 400 boxes of fresh produce, healthy food, and pantry staples from the Houston Food Bank

Many thanks to Councilwoman Shabazz, Dear Daughters, Embroidery by Queen, St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, The Kinkaid School, University of Houston-Bonner Leaders, YES Prep Southside, and all of the volunteers who are LEADing the way for our community.


What does it mean to be "tough"?

Youth are faced with mounting pressures and challenges. Frequently, they are reluctant to express vulnerability. Instead, they choose to wear hard exteriors. Therapist Stephanie Miller, Haley Jacob, and Erica Fulton engaged small groups by peeling back the layers and listening to their challenges. 

Conversations centered around choices.
- Choose to talk, not explode
- Choose to process, not implode
- Choose to build a strong foundation

These empowering choices became real when LEADers related to a personal story of a breast cancer survivor. Julissa Duran, Co-Chair of LEAD's upcoming Mardi Gras Masquerade, shared the physical, mental, and emotional challenges she faced. Her passion, purpose, and commitment to overcome obstacles inspired a spirit of service and empathy. She helped us redefine "tough".


Whether listening to the music of DJ She Jam, engaging in difficult conversations, or encouraging friends as they reach the top of the rock climbing wall, LEAD builds community.

We learn together, we serve together, and we grow together!

Thank you for helping us fulfill our mission of preparing youth for success by providing life skills and exposure to new opportunities. LEAD thrives because of generous sponsors and faithful volunteers.

We are grateful for you. Happy Thanksgiving!