LEAD works! Our evidence based youth development program consistently improves through research evaluation. We are so fortunate to have established a relationship with University of Houston in 2017. Together, we continue to measure our impact and deliver quality programming that promotes academic and life success.

We are honored to do this work with the partnership of Dr. Brad Smith and the University of Houston research team.

Meet the UH Team

Dr. Brad Smith is a professor in the Department of Psychological, Health, and Learning Sciences. Some of his  favorite memories with LEAD took place at the Teton Science School in Jackson, Wyoming. He is a strong proponent for scaling LEAD’s summer camps and continues to be a faithful advocate for its transformational youth development program. Dr. Smith will be recognized as LEAD's honoree at our Mardi Gras Masquerade on February 21, 2023.
Dr. Han Joe Kim is an assistant professor in the Measurement, Quantitative Methods and Learning Sciences program at University of Houston. His interests are in applying quantitative research methods to develop and validate sound psychological measures and to evaluate intervention effectiveness. He is honored to support LEADers as they thrive towards happiness and success. 
Angela Serrano is a fifth year graduate student in the School Psychology program at University of Houston and joined the research team in Fall 2018. She has supported LEAD by serving as a mentor, volunteer, and camp counselor. Angela enjoys bringing evidence-based practices into LEAD's incredible work. Her research and career interests include school-based interventions and mentorship for adolescents.
Brian Dang is a graduate student in the School Psychology program at the University of Houston and has been on the research team for three years. He is interested in supporting student well-being and positive youth development through program evaluation and directly serving youth. Brian shares his joy for the outdoors with LEADers during summer camps and frequently supports LEAD's Saturday Ambassador sessions.
Caroline Mousa is a third year School Psychology doctoral student at the Unviersity of Houston. She has been involved with LEAD since the spring of 2021. She greatly values and enjoys spending time with LEADers during the Saturday Ambassador program and during LEAD's summer camps. Her research interests are primarily in mindfulness interventions used to promote well being, particularly for marginalized populations.

Nema Kebbeh is a first year student in the School Psychology program and joined LEAD's research team in the fall. His interests include how emotional regulation influences growth, how affect and self-control influence peer affiliation dynamics, and how culture and interpersonal relationships contribute to social-emotional development.