Our student LEADers were out and about experiencing new things. Many thanks to Williams Ranch and Bernstein Private Wealth Management for hosting us and proving valuable life skills.


LEADers and their families experienced an adventure at Williams Ranch. Shoeing and riding horses added to their fun. The students were inspired and challenged by an award-winning roper who encouraged them to focus on their goals. His journey was challenging, and he did not always receive support. Despite his difficulties, he chose to persevere and now competes as a successful and professional cowboy. LEADers were reminded to stay determined and work hard towards their goals.


"What do they do in those buildings downtown?" a student asked while looking out of the classroom window. This weekend, students were able to see and experience downtown for themselves. Our LEADers toured Bernstein, a wealth management firm that uses an open concept work space. Students were impressed by the views from the 35th floor and learned the importance of collaboration in a successful working environment. Amanda Desanges taught them about setting financial goals, saving, investing, and building credit. Financial health contributes to a person's overall well being. Teaching these life skills and financial lessons gives our student LEADers more ownership in their future.