Many of us eagerly said goodbye to 2020, and we set new goals for 2021. Our LEADers are doing the same. January's goal is to recommit to our vision!

Student LEADers are challenged to remember the goals and dreams they set at the beginning of the school year. Our students are walking through a self reflective process to uncover their internal motivation.

“I decided that life happens for you and not to you.”  --Jade Wise

During our January Ambassador session, LEADers were inspired and motivated by Jade, a senior Forensic Psychology major at The University of Houston. She candidly shared her personal story, the challenges she overcame, and the changes she made to achieve her dreams. Jade reminded LEADers of famous and common people who struggled, had little support, and grew up with grave disadvantages. She concluded with sage advice, "Happiness is a choice! Choose to be happy and no one can take that away from you. We can grow and choose to stay on track with little and big steps everyday."

LEADers are excited about making powerful and joyful choices. We are eager for a great start to 2021 and look forward to keeping you apprised regarding the strides and successes of our youth.