As parents, educators, and thoughtful community members, we often wonder how our children feel and what they are thinking. Are they learning and having fun? Did this life lesson make an impact? What are their biggest takeaways from these experiences? Recently, we asked LEADers about our summer camp adventure. 

What did they say?

"I feel and see the world differently."

"I am really brave. I can do things that are scary."

"I can help others feel safe outside of their comfort zone."

"I was very antisocial. I came out of my shell and now I have friends who get me."

"I've gotten better at expressing my frustrations."

"I've seen myself put my anger and attitude aside, and I had fun with the kids here!"

"I've become more confident and communicative."

"I'm 100% doing it again! I had a lot of fun and met so many people. It was very fun and full of surprises."



You made this memorable adventure possible. Thank you for investing in the lives of our LEADers.