One year ago today, new and long time friends of LEAD celebrated life changing work by supporting and attending our Mardi Gras Masquerade. We adorned ourselves in masks and beads, ate king cake, honored Chris Barbic, and danced under the beautiful lights of The Astorian. Because of you, LEAD raised more than $300,000. We are extremely grateful...and little did we know, your generosity was needed more than ever in 2020! 

We served more students and expanded our services to include a virtual summer camp and virtual and in-person life skills classes to inspire motivation. We supplied technology to create connections for our youth, provisions for sustenance, and therapy to support the mental health needs that became more evident during the pandemic. LEAD reduces the barriers to success. Thank you for allowing us to support our LEADers more fully.

Today, our hearts are with each member of the community as we recover from the chaos and devastation brought by the recent snowstorm in Texas. Events such as this highlight the vulnerabilities of under-resourced communities. Additionally, it's when LEAD steps up!

We are so proud of our LEADers, who once again have shown tenacity and resilience beyond their years despite the volatile conditions. Davion and his family lost power for 80 hours. The family of six slept in their car until LEAD checked on them and provided them with essentials and a hot meal. After Davion's first hot meal in days, he nobly responded,

"Now, I need to get my grades up so my little brother knows he can be smart too."

His resilience and focus are heartwarming. 

While there has been great despair, we are filled with hope. 

Stay tuned! Great things are in store for March 2021. We are looking forward to showcasing our student LEADers' dreams and talents and providing an opportunity for them to experience an impactful (and much needed) summer wilderness adventure!